The Presidential Town Hall Meeting

This ordinary “town hall meeting” taught me that these “leaders ” do not care about COMMUNICATION.
We want to talk to you and we want you to give us feedback.We are ELECTING you.
A government job is not your family business.
They have succeeded in dividing the GOVERNMENT so much that they don’t believe we have the RIGHT to ask questions.
After all we have local government chairmen.Those ones are so far removed from the state government, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.
This is a good thing for the journalist community.
If I were YOU, I will vote that man that cares about communication.
He would SPEAK to us often and he will bring In a team of people that can communicate.
And when the government speaks to the people often, it creates an environment of people that will LISTEN.


📸 @rangga_aputra


Death ward

I woke up today thinking about the watermelon my husband promised me in… in…. emm i can’t tell frankly

Or if he brought it already.

Did I sleep through that too?

The nurses are mean, the patients are mean. You would think they would be nicer seeing that we shared the same fate.

I have been isolated.

I want to see my daughter. Bring her here, let her lose my braids, which I’m sure is the only thing holding my hair to my head.

Let her come.

The other dying patients already say I have no kin. Let them see my replica.

Let her run some errands and see that I might survive this.

Let her experience the evil that exists in the place love is needed the most.

Let her come.

I need to advice her on the man she should marry. It can’t be her father.

Let her come.

So that if I perceive any sign of weakness, I will send her back home immediately. She will cry and beg, and I will make her promise to stifle her upper lip every chance she gets just to stay with me.

Let her come.

I’m dying.


📸 @ce_qui_a_jamais_dort

Wetin cause the fight

There is commotion in the air. Who will take the blame.

Let me tell you a story. There was once an overzealous man, no mistakes what ever, all reminders taken care of.

At the end of the story, he could be likened to a mad man.

Then there is the self glorified 2nd in command, she is too proud to give dues to the ordinary man. My definition of a bitch at that time .But I have to commend her stealing skills. Marvelous.

There is also the cute busboy who tries to keep his eyes to the ground but fails every time. He wan chop wetin oga dey chop.

There is the over anxious FEMALE in the crowd that due to her illness can see the issue before it becomes a problem.

Then there are the remaining staff, that do not exist until you have a request. Auntytalkytalky is not mean. I say it as I see it.

Lest I forget there is the pretty girl-staff the overzealous man is protecting at all cost.

You know wetin cause the fight, na thief!

Na thief cause the fight!


Sharp sharp love.

E get something they no Dey talk for mouth.

The feelings are mutual, trust me. You no understand.

I stare at you while you sleep, e still Dey shock me.

Na me wan tell you I love you so, na wa oh.

You see eh…., we rarely give people the chance to MAKE us fall in love.We believe it should be instantaneous. Sharp sharp!

I cringe away from your every touch like a disinterested maiden.My body Dey hungry you like food.How e Dey do you?!


Higher Calling. 

I have a higher calling to tell you the truth, although the price I have to pay? Hmm don’t even get me started. 

My life is taking a new turn; well not entirely new. 

I know the thrill, the ecstatic dangerous sensation that gets easily crippled by a wake up call literally. 

You never rat me out only on that occasion when it was evident I was going to lose my way.

Do you get scared? I wouldn’t believe you if you did. 

People lose control or simply “cut chain” as implied by @gennydollface. Mine is more of a chemical reaction when I face an uncertain end.  I don’t know shit, but I’ll panic and plan and plan and overworry; only  for things to turn out alright not exceptionally but simply alright. 


Photo credits: @lexonart

Iya Joshua.

Lemme tell y’all about Iya Joshua.

Iya Joshua was the second wife to a man nobody really knew.

She was asked to move out with her daughter while her son was kept back to stay with his father.

Iya Joshua moved herself and her daughter to a wood house hand built by herself which needed regular maintenance whenever it rained.

Iya Joshua sold weird fruits which I grew up to learn were wild fruits.

Iya Joshua did menial jobs, like mason jobs , carrying sands at construction sites, then gradually grew into renting these pans to the sites.

When she speaks , you would know that this lady had an education.

No one helped her. She never asked for help only jobs. She never minded.

Iya Joshua died.

And when the wood house was uprooted.They was nothing but algae and mud.

I said to myself with tears in my eyes.

Abeg go rest Iya Joshua, you don try.😔

Wonder?Wonder?…. Wonder!

I sometimes think that the reason God still allow evil to exist is because he still loves Satan so much that he still hopes he would come around….

You see the Bible is just one beautiful love story
He loves …
And his love is eternal.

This one make me wonda well well

I sometimes think about how the body enslaves the soul.
It surrenders to its every desire.
It is an every day task ,keeping it happy.

A slab of worthlessness on your beautiful soul.
A forever inheritance for the earth.
Ordinary Sand!!!
Serious work.!

This one self make me wonda well well…


Photocredit: @lexonart

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